Rail tops pipelines for East Coast oil, gas shipments

Monday, March 3, 2014

Susan Christopherson is a professor of City and Regional Planning at Cornell University and an economic geographer.  Her research and teaching focuses on economic development and she has produced a series of studies on shale gas and oil development. See www.greenchoices.cornell.edu.  She discusses the controversy about shipping crude oil from North Dakota and Alberta Canada to the Port of Albany via rail – and the debate over shipping crude by pipeline or rail.

Link to her recent policy brief on the risks connected to oil transport by rail: http://cardi.cornell.edu/cals/devsoc/outreach/cardi/publications/research-and-policy-brief-series.cfm

Christopherson says:

“This is not a choice between pipelines and rail transport of oil.  The oil and gas industry is going to use rail because of the flexibility and extra capacity it gives them, whether they get more pipelines or not.”

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