China and US talks must include cyber espionage, not just cyber crime

Greg Morrisett, dean of Cornell University’s Computing and Information Sciences and expert on programming language technology, says in order to prevent future cyber wars, Obama and Xi Jinping must address government-sponsored cyber attacks in addition to commercial espionage.

Morrisett says: 

“It is notable that President Xi Jinping focused on cyber-crime, as opposed to cyber-espionage. On the one hand, it’s important to have international cooperation for going after criminal organizations that span national boundaries. But it’s much more important that China and the U.S. come to some agreements regarding government-sponsored intrusion, surveillance, and theft that can lead to serious destabilization.”

“It was reassuring to hear that President Jinping claims the Chinese government will not engage in commercial theft or hacking government networks. But, given the recent history of cyber attacks that have been attributed to China and the revelations of U.S. programs meant to infiltrate China and other countries, we will need decisive action on both sides to avoid an escalating cyber-war.”

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