“Google dorking” not just a Google phenomenon

An alleged hacker used a technique called “Google dorking” to get into the computer system that controlled a dam in New York. The relatively simple technique is a way to find more hidden information and websites that wouldn’t normally show up in a regular Google search.

Ari Juels is a professor at Cornell Tech whose research interests span security, privacy and cryptography. Juels says operational security is becoming everyone’s business with more systems being networked.

Bio: http://tech.cornell.edu/research/security-group


Juels says:

“This isn’t a Google phenomenon. The migration of data and systems to the Internet in general has made it increasingly impractical to defend systems using security through obscurity, such as concealment as a defensive tactic, and perimeter defense – the approach of fortifying ingress and egress points to protect networks.

“With more and more systems being networked, we need to recognize that operational security is becoming everyone’s business.”



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