Expect Twitter to catch fire at Sunday’s town hall brawl

Drew Margolin, a Cornell University communication professor who studies human dynamics through social media, has been tracking how the electorate reacts to presidential candidates on Twitter since the beginning of the primaries.

Margolin will be examining tomorrow’s debate using a new method of real-time analysis. He says he expects polarization, and a lot of negativity towards both candidates on Twitter.

Bio: https://communication.cals.cornell.edu/people/drew-margolin

NOTE: More data and analysis from the beginning of the campaign season can be found at, http://cornellcals.tumblr.com/tagged/Election-2016-Tweets. To monitor how are groups are responding throughout the campaign, check out debatemeter.com

Margolin says:

“My general expectation is that this debate will show clear polarization on Twitter, and that comments will be mostly negative. Our Republican groups will spew invective at Clinton, and our Democratic groups will spew invective at Trump, and no one will get much positive attention.

“The format will make it appear less like they are talking to each other. I think the contrast we got during the last debate – one calm, one heated; one focused, one more untethered – will be muted. Both will be more extemporaneous and flustered, so Trump will not look so out of place as he did in the formal, traditional setting last week. However, Trump is also likely to say something he shouldn’t, and if it is to a voter – rather than a moderator – this could be taken as more offensive and ignite Twitter.”

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