Anti-vaping warnings drive people back to tobacco

Donald S. Kenkel, professor of public health economics at Cornell University’s College of Human Ecology, studies the effects of cigarette taxes, tobacco regulations and antismoking advertisements on public health. Kenkel says that while the public should be informed about the dangers of e-cigarettes, research suggests that such warnings may encourage more people to smoke tobacco.



Kenkel say:

“While it makes sense to warn adolescents about the possible dangers of e-cigarettes, it is crucial to keep in mind that vaping is much less risky than smoking – perhaps one-twentieth the risk or even lower.

“In economic research with adult smokers in experimental markets, we find that when e-cigarettes carry strong health warning labels, more subjects choose combustible cigarettes. Allowing manufacturers to advertise e-cigarettes as less risky alternatives to combustible cigarettes could help smokers make better informed decisions about a promising way to reduce their health risks.”


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