Automakers want tax credits, not a trade war

Arthur Wheaton, automotive expert and senior extension associate with Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, says that Trump’s promise to rock the boat and help domestic companies may play well with the auto industry.



Wheaton says:

“President Trump campaigned on rocking the boat and dramatically changing global agreements. If changes are to be made it is better if the CEOs have a hand in shaping the direction.

“More automotive jobs are a worthy goal. The United States does not have a manufacturing policy that many other countries enjoy.

“There are issues around training, education and skills required for advanced manufacturing that are not always addressed in high schools in the U.S. There are many opportunities to improve NAFTA and increase investment in the United States along with big risks for auto companies who become less competitive if they fail to take advantage of cost savings.

“A trade war with Mexico or China is not what the Detroit automakers are looking for. Instead of an increase in import tariffs, they would rather see tax rates and investment credits. They are highly profitable at the moment and do not want to rock the boat.”


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