Drone policy under Trump to follow Obama trajectory

Sarah Kreps, government professor at Cornell University and an expert in international security and use of drones, says that under Trump’s leadership, CIA chief Mike Pompeo is likely to continue drone policy established by the Obama administration.

Bio: http://government.cornell.edu/sarah-kreps


Kreps says: 

“Trump has given us no reason to think that his policies on drones would depart noticeably from those of Obama. Of course Obama’s record would be hard to beat, having increased tenfold the number of drone strikes conducted under Bush.

“As if to signal continuity with its predecessor, the Trump administration carried out a drone strike over the weekend, using a Predator drone to target several suspected militants in Yemen.

“The hope is that the various agencies involved have institutionalized the more rigorous set of targeting procedures that evolved – unfortunately sometimes through trial-and-error – in the last decade.” 


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