About Us

John Carberry, senior director

John Carberry oversees Media Relations Office operations, media outreach strategy development, and news related to Cornell University and its senior administration. A former construction worker, campaign manager and chief of staff in the New York State Assembly, Carberry spent almost 17 years in the media as a reporter, editor, columnist and radio talk show host. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University at Buffalo.

Office: 607-255-5353
Mobile: 607-882-1777
Email: johncarberry@cornell.edu

Kathleen Corcoran, media relations specialist
Kathleen Corcoran is based in Washington DC and serves as Cornell’s media relations specialist focusing on the federal government and hosts Inside Cornell DC events featuring Cornell faculty and research. She also manages the media relations program for Cornell Law School. Corcoran has worked in Washington DC for 20 years as a political and corporate speechwriter, documentary producer, editor and public relations professional.  She served on the board of The Fishing School, a program for at-risk children in Washington DC.  She has a bachelor’s degree in English literature from The University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Office: 202-434-8036
Mobile: 607-882-3782
Email: kmc327@cornell.edu

Melissa Osgood, media relations specialist
Melissa Osgood is the media relations specialist focusing on agriculture, animal health, food, nutrition, human health, medical technology; and energy, climate and sustainability. Previously, she worked in communications for the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council as well as a private high school in Buffalo, N.Y. She interned for several television and radio stations and holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Hiram College.

Office: 607-255-2059
Cell: 607-882-3773
Email: mmo59@cornell.edu

Joseph Schwartz, media relations specialist
Joseph Schwartz is the media relations specialist focusing on economics, business and labor; New York State government, natural sciences, wildlife and companion animal veterinary medicine, and op-eds. Previously, Joe was a senior editor at American Demographics magazine, opinion editor at The Ithaca Journal, managing editor at Training & Conditioning magazine, a daily newspaper reporter, and an editor for online mapping and geospatial technology magazines. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Oregon.

Office: 607-254-6235
Cell: 607-882-3774
Email: joe.schwartz@cornell.edu