Instant-start computers possible with new breakthrough

ITHACA, N.Y. – To encode data, today’s computer memory technology uses electric currents – a major limiting factor for reliability and shrinkability, and the source of significant power consumption. If data could instead be encoded without current – for example, by an electric field applied across an insulator – it would require much less energy, […]

Vessel research offers new direction to study how cancer spreads

Researchers have understood very little about how blood and lymphatic vessels form in the mammalian gut – until now. A new Cornell University study reports for the first time how arteries form to supply the looping embryonic gut with blood, and how these arteries guide development of the gut’s lymphatic system. The study, published online […]

Carbon-trapping ‘sponges’ can cut greenhouse gases

ITHACA, N.Y. – In the fight against global warming, carbon capture – chemically trapping carbon dioxide before it releases into the atmosphere – is gaining momentum, but standard methods are plagued by toxicity, corrosiveness and inefficiency. Using a bag of chemistry tricks, Cornell materials scientists have invented low-toxicity, highly effective carbon-trapping “sponges” that could lead […]

$10M gift endows deanship at School of Hotel Administration

ITHACA, N.Y. – Bradley H. Stone, president and partner in Gaming Asset Management LLC, has committed a $10 million gift to endow and name the deanship of Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration (SHA). “Brad Stone is the ideal person for whom the deanship could be named. I could not be prouder than to associate […]

Virus causing mass duck die-offs on Cape Cod identified

ITHACA, N.Y. – Since 1998, hundreds and sometimes thousands of dead eider ducks have been washing up every year on Cape Cod’s beaches in late summer or early fall, but the reasons behind these cyclic die-offs have remained a mystery. A team of scientists from Cornell, Tufts University, University of Georgia, the U.S. Geological Survey […]

$750,000 awarded to Cornell’s Society for the Humanities

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has announced an award of $750,000 to Cornell’s Society for the Humanities in support of the Central New York Humanities Corridor. The grant is part of a package of $3.55 million awarded by the foundation to the founding members of the Central New York Humanities Corridor: Syracuse University, Cornell University […]

Barbara Knuth begins term as chair of Council of Graduate Schools

ITHACA, N.Y. – Barbara A. Knuth, senior vice provost and dean of the Graduate School at Cornell University, assumed her post as 2015 board chair of the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) on Dec. 6.  Knuth had been serving as chair-elect of the council for the past year. “In her role as graduate dean, Dr. […]

Cornell to buy all of proposed Black Oak Wind Farm’s energy

Making a stride toward reducing carbon emission, Cornell University has agreed to purchase all electricity generated by the proposed Black Oak Wind Farm in Enfield, New York, which is pending municipal approvals. This purchase represents 20 percent of the university’s total annual electricity use – enough energy to power approximately 5,000 homes. The Cornell University […]

Clearing the ‘cloud hanging over climate science’

There is cloud hanging over climate science, but one Cornell University expert on communication and environmental issues says he knows how to help clear the air. In the December issue of Nature Climate Change, Jonathon Schuldt, assistant professor of communication, argues that only by creating a “science of climate diversity” can climate science and the […]

Finding infant earths and potential life just got easier

CORNELL UNIVERSITY MEDIA RELATIONS OFFICE FOR RELEASE: Dec. 4, 2014 Contact: Syl Kacapyr Phone: (607) 255-7701 Finding infant earths and potential life just got easier ITHACA, N.Y. – Among the billions and billions of stars in the sky, where should astronomers look for infant Earths where life might develop? New research from Cornell University’s […]