‘On-the-fly’ 3-D print system prints what you design, as you design it

Media Note: Click here to see a YouTube video of the interactive prototyping system. To download pictures and a PDF copy of study, visit https://cornell.box.com/v/ontheflyprint .   ITHACA, N.Y. – 3-D printing has become a powerful tool for engineers and designers, allowing them to do “rapid prototyping” by creating a physical copy of a proposed […]

Sustainable fashion: Cornell student awarded for 3-D printed convertible activewear

ITHACA, N.Y. – With his idea for 3-D-printed, custom-fit activewear, Cornell senior Eric Beaudette hopes professional young men can go from the workplace to the gym without breaking a sweat. It could be the next breakthrough in sustainable fashion: convertible, multipurpose clothing that wearers alter seamlessly by adding or removing collars, sleeves, hoods, pockets or […]

Video: 3D-printed ‘soft’ robotic tentacle displays new level of agility

Media note: Video available on YouTube  Additional photos and study PDF: https://cornell.box.com/softactuators,   ITHACA, N.Y. – Cornell University engineers have developed a method to re-create the arrangement of muscles of an octopus tentacle, using an elastomer and 3D printer. The research was groundbreaking since until now, 3D printing methods could not directly print a soft […]