Splits in GOP base make tax plan dead-on-arrival

After much debate and delays, congressional Republicans are scheduled to release their tax bill on Thursday. Elizabeth Sanders, professor of government at Cornell, studies economic regulations and political parties’ alignment. She says that disagreement on tax reform – as in the case of health care reform – is an indicator of how the Republican Party […]

Obamacare support: When polls mention repeal it seals the deal

ITHACA, N.Y. – With the U.S. Senate set to take up debate on a new health care bill, Cornell researchers asked a simple question: Does the American public want former President Obama’s health care law repealed and replaced? It depends on how you ask the question. The researchers analyzed hundreds of national opinion polls from […]

Affordable Care Act repeal threatens access to preventive care

John Cawley, co-director of Cornell University’s Institute on Health Economics and an expert on the economics of risky health behaviors, studied the impact of the Affordable Care Act on preventive care and found that one of the more controversial features of the law – state-level expansions of Medicaid – improved preventive care among low-income Americans, […]

Moveon.org’s Medicaid campaign speaking for the silent

Jamila Michener, an expert in American politics and a professor of government at College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University, says Moveon.org’s billboard campaign is helping to ensure Medicaid expansion remains a salient feature of the political landscape. Michener says: “Moveon.org recently launched a major billboard campaign targeting states that have refused to extend […]

Public info session Thursday on navigating the Affordable Care Act in New York

WHAT:          The public is invited to attend a free informational session on New York State’s Health Plan Marketplace – which will include an overview of options, a panel of experts and an open question-and-answer period for the public. WHEN:          Thursday, Dec. 5, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. WHERE:        The Forum at Tompkins Cortland […]