EPA cuts hurt US edge on climate change, environment

According to reports, Trump’s administration may issue executive orders this week to reduce the scope of climate change policy within the EPA, including energy-specific measures that may offer disincentives for renewables. Two Cornell University experts on global and regional impact of climate change explain the dangers of cuts to environmental policies. ——– David Wolfe: Renewable […]

Cancelled climate conference casts dark clouds

Michael Hoffmann, professor of entomology and a fellow at Cornell University’s Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, says cancelling conferences such as the CDC’s Climate and Health Summit negates a democratic and transparent process essential to science. Bio: https://entomology.cals.cornell.edu/people/michael-hoffmann   Hoffman says: “President Trump and his ‘climate change denier cabinet’ seem to be casting a dark […]

MEDIA CALL: National Climate Assessment authors, climate change experts available

MEDIA: EXPERTS CONFERENCE CALL Professors Harvell and Wolfe will be available to talk with the media by conference call at 10:30 a.m. EDT today. To participate, call 1-866-502-8312, passcode is 458475. National Climate Assessment authors, climate change experts available Today, the White House will announce the findings of the U.S. National Climate Assessment report. The […]