South China Sea court ruling will have profound impact, regardless of decision

On July 12, a United Nations tribunal is expected to rule on an arbitration case involving contested territory in the South China Sea. Allen Carlson, professor of government and expert in Chinese politics at Cornell University, says that the Philippines brought the case to court with the hope of undermining Chinese claims. Regardless of whether […]

Dissatisfaction with outgoing president fuels pro-independence party in Taiwan

Taiwanese voters will elect a new president and parliament later this week, with polls currently favoring the Beijing-skeptic and pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party, and its leader Tsai Ing-wen. Allen Carlson, associate professor in Cornell University’s government department, says that Tsai’s advantage in the polls is a product of voters’ dissatisfaction with the ruling party on domestic […]

Taiwan-China meeting tantamount to 1972 Nixon’s touchdown in Beijing

Allen Carlson, associate professor at Cornell University’s government department, weighs in on the upcoming Taiwan-China meeting. He says that though many questions remain on how the relationship will unfold, the meeting opens a new chapter in cross-strait relations. Bio: Carlson says: “In a world that is full of hyperbole, it is difficult to understate the […]

Obama to face contentious issues while searching for common ground with China’s president

Allen Carlson, associate professor at Cornell University’s government department, weights in on the upcoming visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the White House. Carlson says that Obama’s success during this summit will depend on his ability to search for common ground while engaging contentious issues such as territorial disputes, freedom of expression and economic […]