Pedestrians pose problems for self-driving cars in NYC

General Motors plans to become the first company to test self-driving cars in New York City. Bart Selman, an expert on artificial intelligence technology and professor of computer science at Cornell University, says the GM announcement illustrates the fast pace of artificial intelligence development – and will serve to accelerate the introduction of more self-driving […]

Getting rid of Social Security numbers is the best move, and here’s why

This week, the Trump administration announced that it is exploring ways to replace the use of Social Security numbers as the main method of assuring people’s identities, with a safer system based on modern technology. This comes in the wake of consumer credit agency Equifax Inc.’s massive data breach. Emin Gun Sirer is an associate professor of […]

Annual hackathon event to feature sustainability innovations

WHAT: 450 college students from across the Northeast will showcase innovative sustainability projects at 2016 ‘Big Red Hacks!’ event on Cornell campus WHEN: Sept. 16 at 8 p.m. through Sept. 18 at 2 p.m. WHERE: Hacking will take place in Physical Sciences Building, closing ceremony Sunday in Kennedy Hall’s Call Auditorium MEDIA: The event is […]

Social interaction powers language learning game

ITHACA, N.Y. – Games are usually more fun when you play with other people, but if you’re playing an educational game, interacting with other players may help you learn more, according to Cornell research. Using a language-learning game called “Crystallize,” created by Erik Andersen,assistant professor of computer science, and his students, researchers found that when players are […]

‘On-the-fly’ 3-D print system prints what you design, as you design it

Media Note: Click here to see a YouTube video of the interactive prototyping system. To download pictures and a PDF copy of study, visit .   ITHACA, N.Y. – 3-D printing has become a powerful tool for engineers and designers, allowing them to do “rapid prototyping” by creating a physical copy of a proposed […]

Price of privacy will be unlocked at Apple, FBI hearing

Apple lawyers and the FBI will make their cases on March 22 at a hearing before the U.S. District Court for the District of Central California. Fred Schneider, a Cornell University computer science professor who researches trustworthy computing and public policy, says the real issue is whether Americans want to regulate against building devices that […]

Navigating Facebook when you can’t see faces

ITHACA, N.Y. – As its name implies, a lot of Facebook is about faces. Users upload 350 million photos a day, making visual content a big part of the platform’s experience. But this presents challenges to visually impaired users, according to a study by Cornell information science researchers, who suggest that the technology used on […]

Too early to detect trustworthiness of Nasdaq blockchain technology

Nasdaq unveiled a demonstration of its blockchain technology called Nasdaq Linq at the Money 20/20 event in Las Vegas. The digital ledger is the first of its kind, and has the capabilities to leverage a blockchain to facilitate the issuance, and catalog and record transfers of shares of privately-held companies on The NASDAQ Private Market. […]