WannaCry attack reveals vulnerability and resilience

Rebecca Slayton, assistant professor at Cornell University’s Science & Technology Studies Department and an expert on international security and cooperation, comments on the WannaCry cyber-attacks that have spread across 150 countries since Friday. Slayton says the attack shows both the vulnerabilities and resilience of our computer systems.  Bio: http://sts.cornell.edu/rebecca-slayton  Slayton says: “The largest ransomware attack in […]

Automated combat weapons carry cybersecurity risks

A recent report by the Center for a New American Society warned of dangers inherent to the widespread use of automated weapons in real-world environments. Sarah Kreps, government professor at Cornell University and an expert on drones, says we should not be lulled into thinking that technology can make decisions in combat easier. Bio: http://government.arts.cornell.edu/faculty/kreps/ […]