FARC congress brings rebels to politics, strengthens Colombia’s democracy

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are holding a historic congress in Bogota this week to determine the political fate of the demobilized guerrilla organization. Gustavo Flores-Macias, a professor of government at Cornell University and author of the book “After Neoliberalism? The Left and Economic Reforms in Latin America”, says that while much is […]

Fear of Trump’s authoritarianism ‘overblown’

Andrew Little, professor of government at Cornell University and expert on authoritarian regimes, says Trump’s authoritarian rhetoric – such as his recent Tweet suggesting he would revoke citizenship for flag burning – doesn’t translate into an imminent threat to American democracy. Bio: http://government.cornell.edu/andrew-thomas-little   Little says: “Although some of Donald Trump’s rhetoric sounds familiar to those […]

Philippine front-runners threaten an already imperfect democracy

Tom Pepinsky, a Southeast Asia expert and associate professor of government at Cornell University, is available for comments on the upcoming elections in the Philippines. If front-running president and vice president candidates – Rodrigo Duterte and Ferdinand Marcos Jr. – are elected, Pepinsky says it may pose a true threat to an already imperfect democracy. […]