To understand Rohingya crisis, look to Darfur

The alleged atrocities in Myanmar against Rohingya Muslims in the country’s Rakhine State follow a pattern similar to events in 2003 known as the Darfur genocide in western Sudan according to a Cornell University historian. John Hubbel Weiss, a history professor at Cornell University whose research and teaching focuses on genocidal regimes, says the Rohingya crisis is similar […]

New US visa definition of family strict, but soft on sensibility

The State Department issued new immigration guidelines aimed at clarifying the Trump administration’s travel ban, which limits visas for citizens of six predominantly Muslim countries. The guidelines outline the meaning of “bona fide” relationship, one of the visa requirements for foreign visitors from those countries attempting to come to the U.S. Maria Cristina Garcia, professor […]

Renzi needs the skills of Cicero to persuade voters at referendum

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has announced the date of a key referendum on constitutional reforms to overhaul the size and role of the Italian Senate. Barry Strauss, chair of the history department at Cornell University and author of the book The Death of Caesar, says Italians are skeptical about changing what has been a mark […]

Attempted coup terrible for future of Turkey according to Turkish scholar

Mostafa Minawi is as Assistant Professor of History and Director of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Initiative (OTSI) at Cornell University. Minawi has just returned from Istanbul where he experienced the city’s fallout from the coup. Minawi says “regardless of how it ends, the (failed) attempt at a coup is terrible for the political future […]

Cornell experts offer four perspectives on Brexit

Experts in finance, European politics and history from Cornell University react to the U.K.’s vote to withdraw from the European Union. Barry Strauss: Brexit will be a textbook case for years to come of how leadership makes the difference Strauss is an expert on global history, government and conflict, and chair of the department of […]

Bosnian Serb leader’s 40 years sentence is cause for dismay

Radovan Karadzic, former leader of the main Bosnian Serbian party during 1992-1995 Bosnian war, has been sentenced to 40 years of prison for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. John Weiss, professor of history at Cornell University, says that the sentence is cause for dismay […]

Withdrawal establishes Russia as regional power

After months of protests from the West and in the midst of UN-led peace talks in Geneva, Russia started to partially withdraw its troops from Syria. Barry Strauss, a professor of history at Cornell University, says Putin’s strategic goal is to showcase Russia as a more reliable regional power than the United States. Bio: […]

Pentagon’s decision to build up military bases is “prudent” according to military historian

Barry Strauss, military historian, prolific author, and chair of the History Department at Cornell University says the Pentagon’s plan for building up military bases in parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, is a prudent decision. Strauss says: “The Pentagon’s plan for new bases is a prudent response to the threat represented by the […]

Catalan parliament secession plan is one step closer to the Rubicon

Barry Strauss, an expert on global history, government and conflict and chair of the department of history at Cornell University, comments on the secession plan approved by the regional parliament of Catalonia on Monday. Bio: Strauss says: “With the Catalonian Parliament’s vote for independence the struggle for public opinion – the key target – […]