Teens light up cigarettes to slim down

ITHACA, N.Y. – Many doctors and public health experts assume that people smoke cigarettes simply because they’re addicted to the nicotine. But a Cornell University researcher and his colleagues have found that overweight and obese teens light up for a different reason: to lose weight. Among U.S. teens who are frequent smokers, 46 percent of […]

Children mean stress for mums, joy for dads

ITHACA, N.Y. – A new study from a Cornell University sociologist shows that while parents enjoy the time they spend with their children, parenting carries more strain for mothers. That is likely, the researchers found, because moms spend more time with their kids while doing more onerous chores like basic childcare, cooking and cleaning, whereas […]

Five-cent bag ‘tax’ in NYC is likely to cut use in half

New York City shoppers will soon have to pay 5 cents for disposable bags, as city council members have approved a measure to require some retailers to collect a fee on paper or plastic bags. Tatiana Homonoff, a behavioral economist and assistant professor at Cornell University’s Department of Policy Analysis and Management, conducted a study […]

Current highway funding reauthorization bill would discourage infrastructure investment

Rick Geddes is an associate professor in the Department of Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University, and the founding director of the Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy. His research focuses on innovative funding and financing of major infrastructure projects, particularly in the transportation and water sectors. He believes the U.S. infrastructure challenge is creating […]