Tech earnings: Cornell expert on Yahoo, Alphabet, Apple

It is time for quarterly earnings for three of the most profitable tech companies in the world – Yahoo, Alphabet and Apple. While Alphabet has already topped Apple as the world’s most valuable company, Yahoo faces struggles with its core business and management. Aija Leiponen, associate professor at Cornell University’s Dyson School of Applied Economics […]

Cornell University to establish an integrated College of Business

New College will cement the university’s position as a world-class center of teaching and research for business management and entrepreneurship ….. College will comprise the School of Hotel Administration, the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, and the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management ….. Collaborative consultation process will establish academic […]

Breaking bread with colleagues boosts productivity

Plenty of companies invest big money to provide their employees with upscale workplace eateries or at least catered meals. But are those companies getting a good return on their investment? According to a new Cornell University study, the answer is yes.   Media note: An informational graphic and additional details about this research can be […]

Sale of Yahoo’s Internet business would be premature

Yahoo’s board is holding talks this week to discuss the firm’s future, with news reports alleging the company is considering selling its core Internet business. Aija Leiponen, associate professor at Cornell’s Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, says recent acquisitions have yet to pay off and – instead of selling – Yahoo should consider waiting […]

Cornell University experts explore wages, happiness and realistic deals ahead of Black Friday

The National Retail Federation expects consumers to spend $630 billion this holiday season, starting online and in stores Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Three researchers at Cornell University can discuss a variety of issues related to the retail frenzy – from the impact of material possessions on happiness to the unrealistic perceptions of Black Friday deals. […]

Political talk on Export-Import Bank needs a reality check

House members from both the Republican and Democrat party are sponsoring a bill to re-open the Export-Import Bank, a federal lending institution that subsidizes American exports. While the trade bank’s mandate is to help American businesses face a global economy, critics say its practices mainly boost multi-national corporations.  Steven C. Kyle, an expert in macroeconomics […]

The Dell-EMC deal might work, but both firms need reviving

The world’s third largest producer of personal computer, Dell, is in talks to buy data-storage giant EMC. Aija Leiponen, associate professor at Cornell’s Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, says that if the two companies revamp themselves the deal might work, but that – she says – is a big if. Bio:   […]

Family farm managers earn less, but gain ‘emotional’ wealth

ITHACA, N.Y. – After hours harvesting forage, managing livestock and milking cows, new Cornell University agricultural economic research shows family members who work on the family dairy farm make $22,000 less annually than comparable hired managers, but are handsomely compensated with “socioemotional” wealth. “While $22,000 seems like a large penalty, there are nonfinancial rewards they […]

Founders are important but ‘joiners’ strengthen startups

ITHACA, NY — Growing interest in the startup culture has focused attention on company founders who often take great risks to launch new ventures. Until now, little was known about those who join founders to help develop and commercialize innovative new products. Business professors from Cornell University and the Georgia Institute of Technology analyzed “joiners” […]

Is this the year you join the 1 percent?

ITHACA, N.Y. – Here is some good news: There is a 1-in-9 chance that a typical American will hit the jackpot and join the wealthiest 1 percent for at least one year during his or her working life, according to new research by Tom Hirschl, professor of development sociology at Cornell University, and Mark Rank […]