Climate change plus El Niño could equal destruction for California and Caribbean

Toby Ault, professor in Cornell’s department of earth and atmospheric sciences says this year’s El Niño combined with trapped heat in the Pacific Ocean from climate change, could be a recipe for destruction in parts of the drought-afflicted regions of the Caribbean and California.   Por favor dale nota que Toby Ault está disponible para ser […]

Mapping Alaska and the Arctic: Researcher available to discuss project announced today by White House

Michael Willis is an earth and atmospheric sciences research associate at Cornell University and a member of the research team for ArcticDEM – a project announced today by the White House that will develop a high-resolution topographic map of the Arctic that, for the first time, will provide consistent coverage of the entire region to […]

What happens in the Arctic, no longer stays in the Arctic

Charles H. Greene, professor of Earth and Atmospheric sciences in the College of Agriculture and Life Science at Cornell University and a fellow at the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, says that while cooler summers during the past two years have resulted in reduced sea ice melting in the Arctic, the volumes of sea […]