Developing vaccines for global diseases, Cornell researchers give it a shot

The World Health Organization (WHO) is set to hold an emergency meeting Feb. 1 to address the ongoing Zika virus outbreak in the Americas. The health organization created a list in December to prioritize which diseases were likely to cause outbreaks in the near future after the world was caught off guard by an Ebola […]

USAID taps Cornell to advance Ebola protective garments

In the war against Ebola, Cornell University – along with partners International Personnel Protection Inc. (IPP) and protective apparel manufacturer Kappler Inc. – will rethink, reimagine and re-engineer protective suits for health care workers on the front lines battling the life-threatening contagion. The garments – made possible through a U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) […]

Hidden effect of Ebola, malnutrition and food insecurity

Chris Barrett, professor of applied economics and management at Cornell University warns that the Ebola outbreak, and especially the quarantines it has prompted, are putting food harvests and markets at great risk and may lead to serious malnutrition-related health problems – which will affect far more people than any infectious disease. Barrett says:  “Ebola will […]

Ebola outbreak changes how we care for the sick

Stacey Langwick, professor of medical anthropology at Cornell University and author of “Bodies, Politics, and African Healing,” comments on the recent effort to stem the spread of Ebola in Africa. Langwick says:  “One of the difficulties of addressing Ebola is that it requires intervening in the way that people care for each other – how […]