Despite efforts, Facebook is not ready to take on fake news

This week, Facebook launched an advertising campaign in the U.K. seeking to help the public discern fake news online. The move, which precedes parliamentary elections in Britain, is seen as an attempt to curb the spread of false stories over Facebook ahead of critical political events. Drew Margolin, a professor of communication at Cornell University […]

April surprise: Is Le Pen really Hillary?

Mabel Berezin is professor of sociology at Cornell University and author of “Illiberal Politics in Neoliberal Times: Culture, Security and Populism in the New Europe” and “Europe Without Borders.” Berezin says comparisons between French populist candidate Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump – already fraught ­– may end this weekend, when Le Pen faces the […]

‘Most Likeable’ vote important during presidential debate

Sam Nelson, director of the Cornell University Speech and Debate Society and senior lecturer at Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, explains why campaign teams will downplay audience expectations this week, and how the candidates will use subtle debate techniques to increase their ‘likability’ ratings among voters. Bio: For more on Nelson’s debate […]

European Union unable to handle crises, voters turn to nationalist right

Norbert Hofer the candidate for Austria’s Freedom Party, an established nationalist right party, received 36 percent of the vote in the first round of the Presidential elections in Austria. Mabel Berezin is professor of sociology at Cornell University and author of “Illiberal Politics in Neoliberal Times: Cultures, Security, and Populism in a New Europe” and […]

Dissatisfaction with outgoing president fuels pro-independence party in Taiwan

Taiwanese voters will elect a new president and parliament later this week, with polls currently favoring the Beijing-skeptic and pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party, and its leader Tsai Ing-wen. Allen Carlson, associate professor in Cornell University’s government department, says that Tsai’s advantage in the polls is a product of voters’ dissatisfaction with the ruling party on domestic […]

Marine Le Pen is gone, but only until next time

Regional elections in France ended with the defeat in the second round of voting of the National Front – a right-wing, anti-European party that has recently gathered supporters for its nationalistic and anti-migrants stances. Mabel Berezin, a sociologist at Cornell University, author and expert on France and European politics says it would be a mistake to […]

Marine Le Pen on upward trajectory in French regional elections

On Sunday Dec. 6, France will vote to elect presidents of its thirteen regions. Since the early fall, opinion polls have indicated that – for the first time – the right-wing anti-immigrant party National Front is likely to win in two regions. Mabel Berezin, sociologist at Cornell University, author and expert on France and European politics says […]

Macri’s win is a major change for Argentina, and region

Lourdes Casanova, academic director of the Emerging Markets Institute at Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business and a member of several taskforces working on Latin America at the World Economic Forum, comments on Mauricio Macri’s victory in Argentina and says the president-elect will need to be fast and forceful with his agenda of change. Casanova […]

History made in Myanmar: Cornell professors comment on outcome of elections

The results in one of Myanmar’s freest elections in a generation are in, and the National League for Democracy – lead by Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi – won by a landslide.   Magnus Fiskesjö, an associate professor in Cornell’s department of anthropology and expert on Southeast Asia, says it’s possible this election will become a […]

Cornell experts comment on Myanmar election

On Sunday, Myanmar will hold a historical parliamentary election where Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) will challenge the ruling and military-backed Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP). Experts of Southeast Asian politics at Cornell University comment on the significance of these elections.   On Myanmar’s economy: Thomas Pepinsky, associate professor in […]