Cornell study suggests soda, junk food not why we’re fat

Media note: A short video explaining the research, as well as an informational graphic and additional details about this research can be found at,   ITHACA, N.Y. — Indulgences like sodas and junk foods have long been blamed as the prime culprits responsible for worrying obesity trends across the United States. But a new analysis […]

Global fast food strike a new way to serve social justice

As fast food businesses and consumers throughout the United States and around the world prepare for Thursday’s planned strike to call for higher wages for industry workers, two labor movement experts from Cornell University’s ILR School and the Worker Institute at Cornell call the action a unique type of labor strike and a potential step […]

Fast food worker struggles a symptom of national economic disease

In light of fast-food workers taking to the streets today over low wages, Robert C. Hockett, financial and economic law expert and professor of law at Cornell University, argues that the wage-cutting arms race harms everyone, and suggests making a living wage the minimum wage. Hockett says: “It is fitting that fast-food workers have begun strikes […]