Google, Facebook must set standards beyond fake news

Drew Margolin, a professor of communication at Cornell University who studies the way people communicate online and the role of accountability, credibility, and legitimacy within social networks, says that steps to regulate fake news online are attempts by social media companies to avoid facing up to their larger public role. Bio: Margolin says: “Fake […]

Self-driving minivans strategic win for Google and Fiat

Arthur Wheaton, an automotive industry specialist at Cornell University’s ILR School, says the plan allows for Google to test smaller vehicles, and Fiat Chrysler to develop new technology. Bio: Wheaton says: “The decision by Google to use 100 of Fiat Chrysler’s new Pacifica minivan is good news for both. “It allows Google to test […]

“Google dorking” not just a Google phenomenon

An alleged hacker used a technique called “Google dorking” to get into the computer system that controlled a dam in New York. The relatively simple technique is a way to find more hidden information and websites that wouldn’t normally show up in a regular Google search. Ari Juels is a professor at Cornell Tech whose […]

Tech earnings: Cornell expert on Yahoo, Alphabet, Apple

It is time for quarterly earnings for three of the most profitable tech companies in the world – Yahoo, Alphabet and Apple. While Alphabet has already topped Apple as the world’s most valuable company, Yahoo faces struggles with its core business and management. Aija Leiponen, associate professor at Cornell University’s Dyson School of Applied Economics […]