Splits in GOP base make tax plan dead-on-arrival

After much debate and delays, congressional Republicans are scheduled to release their tax bill on Thursday. Elizabeth Sanders, professor of government at Cornell, studies economic regulations and political parties’ alignment. She says that disagreement on tax reform – as in the case of health care reform – is an indicator of how the Republican Party […]

Kasich’s comments on GOP reflect two-party predicament

  Over the weekend Ohio governor and former republican candidate John Kasich hinted he may decide to withdraw support from his own party, should the GOP fail to “fix” itself and continue its current trajectory towards the far-right. Cornell experts comment on Kasich’s remark and offer their take on the well-being of the two-party system. […]

Senate GOP healthcare bill path to geographic inequality

Details of the Senate version of the GOP healthcare bill are prompting vigorous debate on the Senate floor and beyond. Jamila Michener, an expert on poverty and racial inequality and assistant professor of government at Cornell University, warns that the bill’s proposed cuts to Medicaid will imperil many Americans. Bio: http://government.cornell.edu/jamila-michener Michener says: “The senate […]

McCarthy’s sudden exit suggests things are out of control for GOP

In a surprising move, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the race for Speaker following John Boehner’s resignation. Elizabeth Sanders, an election expert and Cornell University Professor of Government, says McCarthy’s exit could make it harder for the GOP to find a presidential candidate and message they can rally behind.   Sanders says: […]