The contented shall inherit the Earth. The glum? Not so much

Media note: A video of the researcher explaining the findings is available on YouTube, and can be downloaded along with the research paper at   ITHACA, N.Y. The survival of the fittest might just be the survival of the steadfast instead. Having a positive attitude could be evolutionarily advantageous, according to Cornell researchers who […]

Cornell University experts explore wages, happiness and realistic deals ahead of Black Friday

The National Retail Federation expects consumers to spend $630 billion this holiday season, starting online and in stores Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Three researchers at Cornell University can discuss a variety of issues related to the retail frenzy – from the impact of material possessions on happiness to the unrealistic perceptions of Black Friday deals. […]

Love, Factually: Cornell Gerontologist Finds the Formula to a Happy Marriage

ITHACA, N.Y. – With wedding season in full swing, America’s newlyweds stand to learn the most from the experts: older adults whose love has endured job changes, child-rearing, economic certainty, health concerns, and other life challenges. Filling our knowledge gap on finding a mate and remaining married, Cornell gerontologist Karl Pillemer completed the Cornell Marriage […]

Science says buy experiences, not things, if you’re looking for the perfect gift

As people head to shopping malls to find the perfect holiday gift, doctoral candidate in the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University Amit Kumar says the perfect gift is not a material item, like an electronic gadget or article of clothing. Instead research shows experiences – like that vacation you’ve been thinking about […]

Experiences make you happier than possessions – before and after

To get the most enjoyment out of our dollar, science tells us to focus our discretionary spending on experiences such as travel over material goods. A new Cornell University study shows that the enjoyment we derive from experiential purchases may begin even before we buy. This research offers important information for individual consumers who are […]

Skip the flowers, create memories for Valentine’s Day

Thomas Gilovich, professor of psychology at Cornell University and happiness expert, says don’t buy material items for your loved one on Valentine’s Day; If you want to impress your true love, create an experience filled with memories. Gilovich says: “For your true love, it’s better to buy an experience than a thing. Experiences generally give […]