Astrophysicists and Cassini team members available to speak on flyby of Saturn moon

Two Cassini team members and astrophysicists at Cornell University are available for interviews following the historic flight of the Cassini spacecraft by Enceladus – one of Saturn’s moons – on Wednesday in an effort to detect clues of life on the planet. The spacecraft will try to sample vapor and frozen particle from Enceladus’ icy […]

Under Saturnian moon’s icy crust lies a ‘global’ ocean

ITHACA, N.Y. – Cornell University researchers have learned that a global ocean lies beneath the moon’s thick icy crust by measuring with precision the tiny wobbles of Saturn’s moon Enceladus – whose cosmic quavers are detectable only in high-resolution images taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. Cornell planetary scientists have analyzed more than seven years worth […]