Holiday survival guide: 10 tips from expert negotiators

Which set of grandparents gets dibs on time with the tot? Was that gift a thinly-disguised insult? Can the left and right wings of the family cease and desist?   The season to be jolly seems to invite conflict, but experts from the Cornell ILR School’s Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution recommend using workplace-negotiating concepts […]

How to pick and preserve your Christmas tree

As families search for the perfect Christmas tree, two Cornell University experts who work closely with New York Christmas tree producers offer a few tricks for picking and preserving the perfect tree. Elizabeth Lamb has a Ph.D. in plant breeding and is a senior extension associate with the Cornell Cooperative Extension’s New York State Integrated […]

Picking and preserving the perfect pine for Christmas

Still in the market for a holiday tree? Not to worry, two Cornell University experts share their tips and tricks to pick and preserve the perfect pine tree.  Brian Eshenaur is a plant pathologist, a certified New York State nursery professional and a Western New York-based educator with NYS IPM. Elizabeth Lamb has a Ph.D. […]

Science says buy experiences, not things, if you’re looking for the perfect gift

As people head to shopping malls to find the perfect holiday gift, doctoral candidate in the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University Amit Kumar says the perfect gift is not a material item, like an electronic gadget or article of clothing. Instead research shows experiences – like that vacation you’ve been thinking about […]