In Harvey’s wake, individual preparedness more essential as Irma looms

Keith Tidball, assistant director for disaster education at Cornell Cooperative Extension and faculty fellow at the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future at Cornell University, says that individual preparedness is vital to the safety of millions of Americans who are in the path of Hurricane Irma. Tidball’s experience includes work in post-Katrina New Orleans, in […]

Uncertainty of Joaquin’s path could mean trouble for coastal communities

Mark Wysocki, a meteorologist who specializes in forecasting and weather analysis, says it’s too early to predict Joaquin’s impact on the Northeast, but expects the storm to be somewhat similar to Hurricane Sandy in the difficulty to predict the exact track of the storm until 48 hours out. Bio:   Wysocki says: “The exact […]

Don’t count out Hurricane Season 2013 just yet

CORNELL UNIVERSITY MEDIA RELATIONS OFFICE Sept. 10, 2013 Don’t count out Hurricane Season 2013 just yet Jessica Spaccio, a climatologist with the NOAA’s Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University, talks about the slower-than-expected 2013 hurricane season and warns weather watchers not to count Mother Nature out yet. Spaccio says: “The 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season […]