Seattle vs Uber: Forefront of a workers’ rights revival

This week, a federal court ruled that neither the Chamber of Commerce nor its associate members, such as Uber, have the legal right to presently challenge Seattle’s controversial local collective bargaining ordinance, which under certain circumstances allows workers not covered by the National Labor Relations Act to seek union representation. Lee Adler, an expert on […]

Study finds dramatic improvement in unions’ practices

ITHACA, N.Y. – In a dramatic shift of practice during the past 20 years, U.S. unions are progressively embracing conventional organizational habits according to research led by Lois S. Gray, professor of labor management relations at Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations. The research findings suggest “unions have increasingly adopted more formal and systematic […]

Enforcement clause of TPP deal is key to worker protection

Lance Compa, attorney and expert in labor law and corporate fairness at Cornell University’s ILR School, discusses the implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a major trade agreement between the United States, Japan and 11 other Pacific Rim nations.   Compa says: “Workers’ rights advocates will want to carefully study the TPP’s labor chapter to see […]

Daylight is the best medicine, for nurses

ITHACA, N.Y. – For the health and happiness of nurses – and for the best care of hospital patients – new Cornell research suggests exposure to natural light may be the best medicine. In a forthcoming Cornell study published in the journal Health Environments Research and Design, Rana Zadeh, assistant professor of design and environmental […]

Global fast food strike a new way to serve social justice

As fast food businesses and consumers throughout the United States and around the world prepare for Thursday’s planned strike to call for higher wages for industry workers, two labor movement experts from Cornell University’s ILR School and the Worker Institute at Cornell call the action a unique type of labor strike and a potential step […]

Labor is ready, but Obama climate change vision still needs work

CORNELL UNIVERSITY MEDIA RELATIONS OFFICE  Labor is ready, but Obama climate change vision still needs work Thursday, June 27, 2013 Sean Sweeney and Lara Skinner, directors at the Global Labor Institute at the Worker Institute at Cornell, issued a joint statement in response to President Obama’s vision for combating climate change outlined earlier this week. Skinner and […]