Cornell Law hosts ‘death with dignity’ panel discussion and film screening

WHAT: Panel discussion on physician-assisted suicide, and film screening of “How to Die in Oregon” WHEN: Thursday, April 14, 6 to 9 p.m. WHERE: Cornell Law School, Room 184 MEDIA: The event is free and open to the public. Media members are asked to RSVP to Daryl Lovell in Cornell’s Media Relations Office at 607-254-4799 […]

Three takes on New Hampshire primaries

The Republican establishment Glenn C. Altschuler, co-author of Rude Republic: Americans and Their Politics in the 19th Century, says campaign ads will reveal a lot about the Republican establishment. Bio: Altschuler says: “It will be important to watch the ads. Will the ‘establishment’ candidates – Rubio, Kasich, Christie and Bush – go after Donald Trump with the hope of […]

Cornell professors comment on Democratic and Republican candidates in the Iowa Caucuses

Glenn C. Altschuler, Dean of the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions and the Thomas and Dorothy Litwin Professor of American Studies at Cornell University. He is the co-author of Rude Republic: Americans and Their Politics in the 19th Century. He believes that Republican candidates play a dangerous game when they give Trump a […]

New federal prison release is a step forward, but not a game-changer

Joe Margulies, civil rights attorney and professor of government and law at Cornell University, comments on the Justice Department’s decision to release 6,000 inmates. He says the move is a step in the right direction, but adds that it does not solve the problem of mass incarceration in America. Bio:   Margulies says:   […]

Cornell experts offer preview of International Monetary Fund and World Bank Meeting

Robert Hockett, professor of financial and monetary law at Cornell University Law School, says the long-lasting crisis in the Eurozone, as well as more recent signs of trouble in the Chinese and American economies should be high on the agenda. Bio:   Hockett says:   “This week’s annual Autumn Meeting of the IMF and World Bank […]

Monumental trade deal perpetuates double standards of certain laws

Chantal Thomas, an attorney and expert on international law and the political economy, says the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a new trade agreement between the U.S. and other Pacific Rim countries, creates an international architecture that places investor rights at the top of a pyramid. Bio:   Thomas says:   “The TPP continues the trend of ‘double-standardization’ of investment […]

Fed interest rate hike: What it will mean for you

The Federal Reserve Board is expected to make a decision today about whether or not to raise interest rates. Two Cornell University experts are available to discuss what a rate hike will mean for consumers, investors and businesses. Robert Hockett, the Edward Cornell Professor of Law at the Cornell University Law School, is a Fellow […]

One step forward, two steps back: Supreme Court Scialabba decision begs comprehensive immigration reform

Some young immigrants waiting for green cards through their parents will have to start the process all over again when they turn 21, the Supreme Court ruled today in the case, Scialabba v. De Osorio. The 5-4 vote created an unusual bloc of justices with several different interpretations of the federal law at issue. Cornell […]

Eduardo Peñalver named dean of Cornell Law School

Eduardo Peñalver named dean of Cornell Law School ITHACA, N.Y. – Eduardo M. Peñalver, an expert in property law and land use, and Cornell University faculty member from 2006 to 2012, has been named the next Allan R. Tessler Dean of Cornell Law School. Currently the John P. Wilson Professor of Law at the University […]

Hall v. Florida, Cornell law expert available

John Blume is a professor of law at Cornell University Law School and has written extensively on the topic of intellectual disability and the criminal justice system, including Atkins v. Virginia. He explains the history of the law being debated this week as well as potential implications of the Court’s ruling. Blume says: “Tomorrow, the […]