Cornell experts: NY primary signals political rebellion

Elizabeth Sanders, an elections expert and professor of Government at Cornell University says candidates from both parties have given “full throat” to a political rebellion in New York. Bio: Sanders says: “New York has never been thought of as a rebellious state, but last night it gave full throat to the rebellion within the […]

Cornell professors comment on Democratic and Republican candidates in the Iowa Caucuses

Glenn C. Altschuler, Dean of the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions and the Thomas and Dorothy Litwin Professor of American Studies at Cornell University. He is the co-author of Rude Republic: Americans and Their Politics in the 19th Century. He believes that Republican candidates play a dangerous game when they give Trump a […]

Trump’s anticipated absence from the debate shines light on big business of presidential campaigns

Adam Seth Levine is assistant professor of government at Cornell University and author of “American Insecurity: Why Our Economic Fears Lead to Political Inaction”. He believes Trump’s refusal to participate in the FOX-hosted debate is an agenda-setting move that questions a key part of traditional campaigning. Levine says: “Everyone is talking about the Megyn Kelly […]