China’s electric car switch to rattle industry, drive up price of lithium

Chinese regulators recently announced that the government is setting up a timetable to end production and sales of petrol and diesel cars. China is following the example of other countries, such as Britain and France, that announced similar moves towards cleaner vehicles in the coming years. Arthur Wheaton, an automotive expert with Cornell University’s School […]

Samsung S8: Expect bells and whistles, but battery is key

Samsung is expected to reveal the new Galaxy S8 phone on March 29. Hector Abruña, the director of the Energy Materials Center at Cornell University and an expert on lithium ion batteries, says battery safety needs to be Samsung’s main priority as the company introduces new phones, like the S8. He’s available for comment after […]

Lithium-ion batteries: Chemical engineer available to discuss battery science in wake of federal warnings

Lynden Archer, is director of Cornell University’s Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and an expert on lithium batteries. He was named one of the “most influential scientific minds” this year by Thompson Reuters and is available to discuss battery science in the wake of new safety concerns and warnings from several federal agencies […]