To govern, Macron will need more than a victory on Sunday

On Sunday, French voters will decide who will be their next president in the second – and final – round of a critical election. The two candidates – both fringe in French politics – are pro-business, centrist Emmanuel Macron and anti-immigrant, far-right Marine Le Pen. Cornell University experts comment on this race and how the […]

French election: First round out of the way, second round will be a yawner

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, two non-traditional candidates who campaigned on opposite electoral platforms, advanced to the second and final round of the French presidential race. Cornell experts offer their views on the election so far, and what we should expect come May 7. Christopher Way, professor of government and director of the Cornell […]

April surprise: Is Le Pen really Hillary?

Mabel Berezin is professor of sociology at Cornell University and author of “Illiberal Politics in Neoliberal Times: Culture, Security and Populism in the New Europe” and “Europe Without Borders.” Berezin says comparisons between French populist candidate Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump – already fraught ­– may end this weekend, when Le Pen faces the […]

Marine Le Pen is gone, but only until next time

Regional elections in France ended with the defeat in the second round of voting of the National Front – a right-wing, anti-European party that has recently gathered supporters for its nationalistic and anti-migrants stances. Mabel Berezin, a sociologist at Cornell University, author and expert on France and European politics says it would be a mistake to […]

Marine Le Pen on upward trajectory in French regional elections

On Sunday Dec. 6, France will vote to elect presidents of its thirteen regions. Since the early fall, opinion polls have indicated that – for the first time – the right-wing anti-immigrant party National Front is likely to win in two regions. Mabel Berezin, sociologist at Cornell University, author and expert on France and European politics says […]