Kurdish independence is substance of Trump-Erdogan meet

The armament of Kurdish rebels in Syria – which Turkey views as terrorist – is likely to be high on the agenda when Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan meets with President Trump today. Dr. Azat Zana Gündoğan, a visiting scholar with the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies at Cornell University studies the socio-spatial inequalities […]

Downed Russian jet may mean escalation in fragile, war-torn Middle East

Barry Strauss, military historian, prolific author, and chair of the History Department at Cornell University, says escalation may result from the downing of the Russian jet in Turkey. Strauss says: “Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet reminds us that the Middle East is war-torn and fragile – it’s a series of glass houses and many […]

After Paris attacks, two opposing strategies seen as the way forward

Barry Strauss, an expert on global history, government and conflict, and chair of the department of history at Cornell University, says in the days ahead, the world will react to the Paris attacks with measured responses. However, further attacks by ISIS, may force leaders into all-out war. Bio: http://history.arts.cornell.edu/faculty-department-strauss.php   Strauss says:    “The Paris attacks […]

Turkish protests could turn into fight over identity of country, says historian

CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS OFFICE June 3, 2013 Turkish protests could turn into fight over identity of country, says historian Mostafa Minawi is an assistant professor of history at Cornell University focusing on Turkish and Middle Eastern history. He comments on the daily protests currently sweeping Turkey. He says: “The divisions in the group of protesters, […]