The ‘Bundy principle’ cannot prevail in Oregon standoff trial

Ammon Bundy and six of his antigovernment followers will stand trial today on charges related to their armed takeover of a national wildlife refuge earlier this year. The group was protesting what they called unconstitutional management of public land. Elizabeth Sanders, a government professor and author of “Roots of Reform: Farmers, Workers, and the American […]

Cornell experts: NY primary signals political rebellion

Elizabeth Sanders, an elections expert and professor of Government at Cornell University says candidates from both parties have given “full throat” to a political rebellion in New York. Bio: Sanders says: “New York has never been thought of as a rebellious state, but last night it gave full throat to the rebellion within the […]

Sanders and Trump voters might upend big donors expectations

Elizabeth Sanders, an election expert and professor in the Government Department at Cornell University says it’s nearly impossible to predict turnout for Sanders or Trump, but she says their voters might upend the result economic and political elites prefer. Bio: Sanders says: “This is a most exciting year – one in which big money […]

Robberies increase after time change

This weekend, most Americans are gaining an hour of sleep by turning back their clocks as daylight saving time ends. But, a newly published Cornell study finds, they could stand to lose much more in the time exchange. Examining crime rates from 2005-08, Nicholas Sanders, assistant professor in the Cornell University Department of Policy Analysis and […]

McCarthy’s sudden exit suggests things are out of control for GOP

In a surprising move, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the race for Speaker following John Boehner’s resignation. Elizabeth Sanders, an election expert and Cornell University Professor of Government, says McCarthy’s exit could make it harder for the GOP to find a presidential candidate and message they can rally behind.   Sanders says: […]

Sluggish economy, complex issues slam incumbents in midterms

As the midterm elections rapidly approach, the sluggish economy is emerging as a major obstacle to incumbents.  Election expert and Cornell University Professor of Government Elizabeth Sanders says that the economy could spell doom for Democratic incumbents, but the economy alone is not to blame for incumbent woes. Sanders says:  “Midterm elections are almost always […]