Connecticut court order offers opportunity for equitable education

This week, a judge in Connecticut ordered state officials to develop plans for a major overhaul of its public education system, and said the state was “defaulting in its constitutional duty” to educate children in poor communities. Sofia Villenas, a professor of Anthropology at Cornell University who studies education, citizenship and social movements, says that […]

Here’s why run-down schools trigger low test scores

ITHACA, N.Y. – Social scientists have known for several years that kids enrolled in run-down schools miss more classes and have lower test scores than students at well-maintained schools. But they haven’t been able to pin down why. A Cornell University environmental psychologist has an answer. Lorraine Maxwell, an associate professor of design and environmental […]

Drop in U.S. student math scores indicate larger societal problems, like poverty

Fourth and eighth-grade mathematics test scores were down for the first time since the federal government started administering the National Assessment of Educational Progress in 1990. John W. Sipple, a public schools expert and assistant professor at Cornell’s Department of Development Sociology, analyzed socio-economic factors that may influence student performance. He says though it’s hard […]