Obamacare support: When polls mention repeal it seals the deal

ITHACA, N.Y. – With the U.S. Senate set to take up debate on a new health care bill, Cornell researchers asked a simple question: Does the American public want former President Obama’s health care law repealed and replaced? It depends on how you ask the question. The researchers analyzed hundreds of national opinion polls from […]

Pope spurs Republicans to shift climate views

After Pope Francis framed climate change as a moral issue in his second encyclical, conservative Republicans shifted and began to see environmental dilemmas in the same way, according to a new study led by Cornell University communication researchers. “When Pope Francis issued his encyclical paper in June 2015, he emerged as a strong advocate for climate […]

Climate change less politicized among minority groups

ITHACA, N.Y. – Race and ethnicity as a function of climate-change attitudes is the subject of a recent study by Jonathon Schuldt, assistant professor of communication in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and collaborator Adam Pearson, assistant professor of psychology at Pomona (Calif.) College. Their work is documented in a paper, “The role […]

Campbell drops soup ingredients perceived as risky

This week, Campbell announced changes in its famous chicken soup recipe. The company significantly cut down the number of ingredients in an effort to please growing health concerns among its customers. Jonathon Schuldt, professor of communication in Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, says Campbell dropped difficult-sounding names, which consumers perceive as riskier. Bio: […]

Overweight health bloggers perceived to be less reliable

ITHACA, N.Y. – A blogger’s weight affects her or his credibility with readers seeking food advice, according to a Cornell study published online and in a forthcoming print issue of the journal Health Communication. The study revealed that when a blogger is overweight, as shown in the blogger’s photo, readers are far more skeptical of […]

GMO-free labeling gives Chipotle a health halo, even if not justified

Jonathon Schuldt, a professor of communication at Cornell University focusing on health communication, says Chipotle’s decision to label its menu GMO free creates a health halo that leads consumers to see Chipotle in a “feel good” way that might not be based on facts.   Schuldt says:   “Putting aside the matter of whether Chipotle’s […]

Silence speaks volumes in Florida climate change debate

Jonathon Schuldt, a professor of communication at Cornell University focusing on environmental communication, says the action by Florida to ban the use of ‘climate change’ in the state’s Department of Environmental Protection is sending a message that climate change is not important. Schuldt recently published a study about how the American public responds differently to […]

Clearing the ‘cloud hanging over climate science’

There is cloud hanging over climate science, but one Cornell University expert on communication and environmental issues says he knows how to help clear the air. In the December issue of Nature Climate Change, Jonathon Schuldt, assistant professor of communication, argues that only by creating a “science of climate diversity” can climate science and the […]

White House website could undermine climate change motivation

Jonathon Schuldt, professor of communication in Cornell’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and an expert on effectively communicating environmental issues, says while the new White House website provides accurate data, it could give people a false sense of security and undermine motivation to stop climate change. Schuldt says:  “A real barrier to effective climate […]