Changes in the classroom: education expert available to comment on Every Student Succeeds Act

A new education policy called the Every Student Succeeds Act could be signed into law this week, after receiving bipartisan support. Analysts say one of the biggest changes of the No Child Left Behind replacement policy is the shift of authority from the federal government to states and local districts. Cornell education expert John W. […]

Drop in U.S. student math scores indicate larger societal problems, like poverty

Fourth and eighth-grade mathematics test scores were down for the first time since the federal government started administering the National Assessment of Educational Progress in 1990. John W. Sipple, a public schools expert and assistant professor at Cornell’s Department of Development Sociology, analyzed socio-economic factors that may influence student performance. He says though it’s hard […]

Gov. Cuomo must balance school accountability with post-recession realities

Expectations of greater accountability for schools and teachers are among many proposals in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State Address today. John Sipple, director of the New York State Center for Rural Schools and professor of Development Sociology at Cornell, says that the governor needs to balance the issues of greater school […]