Tips and tricks for dealing with ticks

As the warm weather of spring rolls across the land, ticks are becoming more active. The following Cornell University experts offer an assessment of the 2017 tick season. All are available for comment. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann: A relatively mild winter coupled with even greater abundance of deer and mice means that ticks are more plentiful […]

Protect your pets from ticks

Dr. Bruce Kornreich, Associate Director for Education and Outreach at the Cornell Feline Health Center, warns pet owners that tick season is here your pets are at risk of contracting tickborne diseases like Lyme disease, Hemobartonellosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, and others. He offers advice to pet owners looking to protect their pets.   […]

Virus causing mass duck die-offs on Cape Cod identified

ITHACA, N.Y. – Since 1998, hundreds and sometimes thousands of dead eider ducks have been washing up every year on Cape Cod’s beaches in late summer or early fall, but the reasons behind these cyclic die-offs have remained a mystery. A team of scientists from Cornell, Tufts University, University of Georgia, the U.S. Geological Survey […]

Tick tips for pets this summer

Summer means tick season in many parts of the United States. To help protect your favorite animals, John Schaefer, interim director of parasitology, and Amy Glaser, senior research associate and director of molecular diagnostics, both of Cornell University’s Animal Health Diagnostic Center, provide answers to frequently asked tick questions. What should I do if I […]