Despite red carpet, Trump agenda in Asia largely ignored

  As President Trump nears the end of his first trip to Asia, foreign policy experts are gauging the possible effect the 12-day long diplomatic tour will have on U.S. economic and political relations in the region. Annelise Riles, professor of far east legal studies and anthropology at Cornell University and the founder and director […]

Perdue must be voice of reason in Trump cabinet

David Wolfe, professor of horticulture, climate change expert and a Cornell University’s Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future Fellow, says while Sonny Perdue has the pedigree appropriate with the position of Secretary of Agriculture, the confirmation hearings must provide clarity on how influential he will be in providing a well-balanced, science-based viewpoint to the Trump […]

Populism, sexism and nationalism pair Trump and Abe

Naoki Sakai, professor of Asian studies and comparative literature at Cornell University, and expert on Japanese nationalism, says while Shinzō Abe and Donald Trump – who are scheduled to meet today – have much in common, including their overt populism and nationalistic tendencies, Trump’s promises to withdraw from the region is a serious concern for […]

U.S. dairy could flood Canada under new trade deal

Andrew Novakovic, professor in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University, says the Trans-Pacific Partnership represents a new opportunity for the U.S. to develop marketing relationships with Canadian processing and marketing companies, but at a high cost for Canadian farmers.   Novakovic says:   “The outlines of the dairy agreement contained […]

Monumental trade deal perpetuates double standards of certain laws

Chantal Thomas, an attorney and expert on international law and the political economy, says the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a new trade agreement between the U.S. and other Pacific Rim countries, creates an international architecture that places investor rights at the top of a pyramid. Bio:   Thomas says:   “The TPP continues the trend of ‘double-standardization’ of investment […]

Enforcement clause of TPP deal is key to worker protection

Lance Compa, attorney and expert in labor law and corporate fairness at Cornell University’s ILR School, discusses the implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a major trade agreement between the United States, Japan and 11 other Pacific Rim nations.   Compa says: “Workers’ rights advocates will want to carefully study the TPP’s labor chapter to see […]