Far-right likely to enter German parliament, but remain isolated

On Sunday, Germans will be headed to the polls to elect a new federal government ultimately determine the country’s next chancellor. Mona Krewel is an assistant professor of government at Cornell University, an expert on elections and campaigning in Europe and author of the recently published book “Modernization of German Election Campaigns?” She is confident […]

After Paris, Europe should avoid border policy extremes

Mabel Berezin, professor of sociology at Cornell University, is an expert on France and European politics and author of “Illiberal Politics in Neoliberal Times: Cultures, Security, and Populism in a New Europe” and “Europe Without Borders.” She says that although many of the terrorists involved in the Paris attacks were born and raised in Europe, […]

Refugee crisis causing nationalist right to sweep Europe

Cornell University sociologist Mabel Berezin says the Greek and refugee crisis has pushed more Europeans toward the nationalist right movement – evident in the latest election results in Poland. Berezin says: “On October 25, Poland followed a West European trend and elected a right nationalist government.  That same day, the European Union Council met and […]