Will Russia hearings reap regulations for social media giants?

Next week, the Senate Intelligence Committee will hear testimony from representatives from Facebook, Twitter and Google as part of an ongoing inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The tech giants will be asked about Kremlin-sponsored propaganda and misinformation on their platforms during last year’s campaign and their plans to prevent future interference. […]

Hardship in Brazil, South Africa strengthens China’s BRICS lead

This weekend, China will be hosting the annual BRICS summit – a meeting of leaders from five developing nations including Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Lourdes Casanova, academic director of Cornell University’s Emerging Markets Institute, says that political and economic instability in Brazil and South Africa has solidified China’s lead position at the […]

Sessions’ deception on Russia echoes Bill Clinton’s lies on Lewinsky

Richard Bensel, professor of government at Cornell University is an expert in American politics, parties and elections, says that Jeff Sessions’ dissimulation on Russia is akin to Bill Clinton’s lies about his affair with Monica Lewinsky – and Congress should be mindful of that in its response.   Bio: http://government.cornell.edu/richard-f-bensel Bensel says: “Jeff Sessions stated in […]

Flynn proof Trump must choose merit over loyalty

Thomas Pepinsky, associate professor of government at Cornell University and an expert on authoritarianism, says Flynn’s resignation highlights the need to staff Trump’s team based on merit, not loyalty. Bio: http://government.arts.cornell.edu/faculty/pepinsky/   Pepinsky says: “Michael Flynn’s sudden resignation throws into question the Trump administration’s ability to staff its national security bureaucracy with competent and effective […]

NATO move to deter Russia foolish and dangerous

Penny Von Eschen, professor of history at Cornell University’s College of Arts and Sciences and expert in the Cold War, says NATO’s attempts to increase troops in Eastern Europe is at odds with both immediate and longer historical contexts. Bio: http://as.cornell.edu/penny-von-eschen-0   Von Eschen says: “Expanding NATO forces as a deterrent to Russia is foolish […]

Cornell expert available for comments on U.S. probe into Russian doping

Tom Brenna, Cornell University professor of human nutrition and of chemistry, is an expert on laboratory analysis of performance enhancing drugs – known as PED – in sports. He is available for interviews about the U.S. Justice Department’s probe into claims of widespread doping among Russian athletes. Brenna is currently developing and implementing cutting-edge methods […]

Withdrawal establishes Russia as regional power

After months of protests from the West and in the midst of UN-led peace talks in Geneva, Russia started to partially withdraw its troops from Syria. Barry Strauss, a professor of history at Cornell University, says Putin’s strategic goal is to showcase Russia as a more reliable regional power than the United States. Bio: http://history.arts.cornell.edu/faculty-department-strauss.php […]

Downed Russian jet may mean escalation in fragile, war-torn Middle East

Barry Strauss, military historian, prolific author, and chair of the History Department at Cornell University, says escalation may result from the downing of the Russian jet in Turkey. Strauss says: “Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet reminds us that the Middle East is war-torn and fragile – it’s a series of glass houses and many […]

Putin’s immigration plan: Grab Russian labor with foreign land

Charles Geisler is a scholar on military land grabs, a team leader in Cornell University’s Institute for the Social Sciences project on Contested Global Landscapes, and professor of Development Sociology. He says that Russia’s military annexation of Crimea is as much about labor as it is about land. Geisler says: “Large-scale land acquisitions are occurring […]

Did Obama’s pressure bring Russia and Syria to chemical weapons deal?

CORNELL UNIVERSITY MEDIA RELATIONS OFFICE Sept. 10, 2013 Did Obama’s pressure bring Russia and Syria to chemical weapons deal? Michael C. Dorf, professor of law, is a former clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, and author of more than 70 law review articles and essays on constitutional law and related subjects. He comments […]