Samsung’s battery woes began with a thinner ‘club sandwich’

In an announcement Thursday, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Officials fear the mobile devices – specifically the phone’s battery – pose a serious fire hazard. Hector Abruña, the director of the Energy Materials Center at Cornell University and an expert on lithium ion batteries, says […]

Drone rules a modest step, but lack enforcement

Sarah Kreps, government professor at Cornell University and an expert on drones, says the regulations presented by the White House today take some modest steps to address routine commercial use of small, unmanned aircraft but fail to clarify enforcement. Bio: Kreps says: “As drones have become cheaper, more accessible, and more sophisticated, the government […]

Self-driving minivans strategic win for Google and Fiat

Arthur Wheaton, an automotive industry specialist at Cornell University’s ILR School, says the plan allows for Google to test smaller vehicles, and Fiat Chrysler to develop new technology. Bio: Wheaton says: “The decision by Google to use 100 of Fiat Chrysler’s new Pacifica minivan is good news for both. “It allows Google to test […]

FDA to review safety of chemicals in soaps, Cornell expert available

Anthony Hay, professor in the department of microbiology at Cornell University, is an expert in the degradation of pharmaceutical and personal care products in the environment, and is available to comment on FDA’s decision to examine the safety and effectiveness of chemicals in soaps and washes – particularly triclosan. Hay is a member of the […]

Proper practices protect infant milk supply

Kathleen Rasmussen, professor of nutrition at Cornell University, is internationally known for her research on maternal and child nutrition and has published several papers on milk pumping and milk sharing. Building on the research published in Pediatrics earlier this week, Rasmussen encourages all women who pump, even for their own child, to handle their milk […]

Tesla charging stations: Consumers should be wary of hype and safety, says expert

CORNELL UNIVERSITY PRESS OFFICE June 3, 2013 Tesla charging stations: Consumers should be wary of hype and safety, says expert Paul Mutolo is a fuel cell chemist and director of external partnerships for the Energy Materials Center at Cornell University. He comments on Tesla’s recently announced plan to expand its network of charging stations to […]