Wildfires fed by outdated forestry practices, climate change

Forestry expert and Cornell Cooperative Extension Associate Mark C. Whitmore grew up in the Western United States and conducted forestry research in the area impacted by this week’s California fires. Whitmore says fire is a natural part of those ecosystems, but past forestry practices coupled with climate change serve to intensify the severity of such […]

California wildfires threaten regional grape, wine production

As firefighters and first responders work to save lives and property impacted by the Northern California wildfires, Cornell University Associate Professor of Enology Anna Katharine Mansfield, whose field work and research includes the chemistry of wine aroma and flavor, warns that these fires will have long-term impacts on the region’s vineyards and wine production. Bio: […]

Wildfires can burn hot without ruining soil, new study finds

CORNELL UNIVERSITY MEDIA RELATIONS OFFICE FOR RELEASE:  April 23, 2013 Contact: John Carberry Office: 607-255-5353 Cell: 607-227-0767 johncarberry@cornell.edu Wildfires can burn hot without ruining soil, new study finds ITHACA, N.Y. – When scientists torched an entire 22-acre watershed in Portugal in a recent experiment, their research yielded a counterintuitive result: Large, hot fires do not […]